Phuppi Ka Ladka Ya Khaala Ka Ladka, is an enjoyable spoof on Maula Jutt

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Telefilm Reviews
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Aired on: 9th November 2011

Broadcasting Network: ARY Digital

Phuppi Ka Ladka Ya Khaala Ka Ladka is produced by Shaista Shaista and Dareecha’s producer Adeel Farhan, scripted by debutante playwright Zain Raza and directed by Umer Essa. 

Maira (Hira Tareen) has been dumped by her boyfriend – who in the end we find out is, Waqar Zaka – and her parents are hellbent to have their nephews marry their daughter. Salman Saquib as Mani is madcap cousin number one – Maira’s Khalazaad and Danish Nawaz as Dani is madcap cousin number two – Maira’s Phuphozaad.

In the backdrop of film music, both the cousins arrive to fight their ways into Maira’s heart – Mani in a Suzuki van with goats and Dani on a donkey cart. Dani is too educated to respond to anyone’s insult – which he keeps repeating  at the time of confrontation. Mani on the other hand is a ‘non-B.A’ who speaks English with funny grammar – as he romantically says to Maira, “I is fine” on their first meet. The potential suitors are crazy for Maira and miss no chance to hurl dirt at each other. Maira’s mother (Lubna Aslam) is alarmingly against her sister-in-law’s son Dani – sucking who’s blood even a dengue mosquito will pass out. Likewise Maira’s  father (Shehryar Zaidi) is no less at putting Mani down – who allegedly attends funerals to have a bite on snacks being served there.

Dani is the naive one out of the two and gets pretty dramatic when Mani is easily able to make their lady love laugh with ‘dus paisay ke’ Sardar jokes. But as it turns out Dani is the first one to take Maira out on a ride only to bump into a villainous Jutt inspired character – Pappu the stalker. Easily intimidated Dani, turns Ghalib into Jalib and pulls out an unintentional ‘Tariq Aziz’. Later on, Mani is seen crying his eyes out when he is proudly put up for a challenge by Maira’s mother, to fight the beastly Pappu – which he ultimately wins by the way but Pappu wouldn’t give up just yet and Maira’s love would never be the reward.

The telefilm is packed with hilarious one-liners but with Mani and Danish as leads, that’s a given. The pair of them play their roles almost effortlessly. Lubna Aslam and Shehryar Zaidi are phenomenal as a somewhat calmer-version of neurotic (if there is such a thing) parents. Hira Tareen is the only sane person out of the lot and having not done much television, came about as a rather confident actress. Tareen is also set to make her big screen debut soon, with an upcoming movie – titled – Seedlings. The surprise package among all the madcaps is Aamir Qureshi – who portrays the gangster Pappu. His dialogues in particular and the Punjabi accent were flawless. An undoubted star of the show. I must add that the person who had hung the photo of Mustafa Qureshi on the wall is a absolute genius.

I would go with 3 out of 5 – for MContent’s Phuppi Ka Ladka Ya Khaala Ka Ladka. It’s an amusing telefilm and definitely worth a watch, however there were some scenes which should have been cropped out completely or edited effectively. For unstance, the scenes in the den and cows’ barn were stretched on endlessly and slowed the pace of what could have been a much quicker watch.

Star of the show: Aamir Qureshi

  1. Zain Raza says:

    Thanks for the sweet review Saher… 🙂

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